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Approx. 170 yards per 50 gram skein Sport Weight. 100% Pure Virgin Wool


GAUGE: 6 st. per inch.

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our yarn family, flyWHEEL! After falling in love with our WATERshed line, we have developed a lighter, sport weight version for versatility. flyWHEEL was engineered to have the same breathable resilience as WATERshed, but creates a finer fabric with a more relaxed feel and hand.

This medium-spun yarn is light, sturdy, and extremely wearable. It is delicate enough for intricate lace scarves yet durable enough for a favorite cozy sweater. In addition to this new line, we have created FOUR new super-tweedy colors available in both WATERshed and flyWHEEL.

As you may know, our WATERshed yarn colors were inspired by the beautiful elements situated along the waterway running right through our village. flyWHEEL was created to also help support Harrisville’s hydropower project that is currently underway. A portion of the proceeds for each skein sold will go towards restoring the hydropower installation, so that we can produce clean energy from that very same waterway. The water that flows through our mill is the reason Harrisville was established. We hope you will consider being a part of this effort and our history!

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